Today has been so long ugh




Ugh and I have not been getting along he won’t help do anything why would a man think it turns a woman on to watch you sit around and be lazy a you know how to do is smoke a damn cigaret and lay on your ass and eat if you want to turn a woman on be a damn man pick up a damn Hammer and nail work a little break a freakin sweat

Pissed at the fact I try to be nice and let my daughter go see her grandpa my dad and my sisters and brother and they refuse to respect anything I ask them to do or not do my sister acts to much like her mom she thinks the world owes her something she’s rude she will look at you and not speak unless you kiss her ass and speak to her first she posts status messages about I never let my daughter spend time with her and I’m like really why would I want my daughter who is a sweet innocent 1 year old be around you so people can think who would raise their child to be so nasty my sister is one of the problems I see wrong with the world today

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My daughter has had I refuse to take nap kind of day it’s now 832 and normally she’s already in bed but after being wide open and into everything she’s now watching bubble guppies I don’t mind her being up I’m just ready to call it a night and wind it down for bed 6 comes much faster when your a parent




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